THE OBVIOUS CHOICE: How to Become a Recognised Authority and Attract High-Value B2B Clients On-Demand Without Selling (Over 2,471 downloads)

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The guide provides a proven 9-step process to:

1. Make your competition irrelevant

2. Become known as the value creator in your market

3. Attract new high-value clients based on your market wisdom

As a result, you will generate:

  • superior demand for your services
  • superior revenue
  • superior reputation

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"Thanks mainly to our work together, our revenue has more than tripled in the last two months.  I look to the future now with greater confidence.  The business is on 'turbo'.  I highly recommend the program." Ed S, Melbourne, Australia  

I secured 25 meetings with CEOs of mid to large-sized national and international firms across the globe in 6 weeks as a result of implementing Roger's Recognised Authority Formula. Recommended for consultants wanting to build a trusted pipeline. Simone Olbert, Executive Coach, Munich, Germany

“During my coaching with Roger, he added one additional, what he terms ‘outreach mechanism’ that was directly responsible for securing a new corporate client that has already generated six figures in revenue” Chris D, London, U.K.

“As an independent process improvement consultant with over 20 years of experience, I know how important it is to constantly improve.  I have re-engaged with Roger and as a result of his guidance, for the first time ever, I am rolling into a new year with my calendar 2/3’s booked to target for the coming 12 months. Whether you are a new or very seasoned consultant, I strongly recommend Roger.” Ric Van Der Linden, Process Improvement Specialist, ProgressivEdge, Texas, U.S.A.

"This exercise was ground-breaking for me.  When I finished, I had goosebumps.  I received a return on the program fees in the very first session." Dave Osh, CEO, Varlinx, San Francisco, U.S.A.

"Roger Jones' programme was transformative. It equipped me with a precise action plan on how to market my advisory firm effectively and boosted my confidence immeasurably. For independent professionals, this programme is a decisive guide towards success." Stephanie F, Wealth Advisor, Switzerland

"I've been in business for approximately two and a half years and initially hesitated to join Roger’s programme due to the unique nature of my work. However, the programme exceeded expectations. Collaborating with like-minded peers in well-structured sessions provided insights into thought leadership and authority. It has brought calm, focus, and a sense of control. More clients are coming on board, and existing ones are served better. Highly recommended” Sharath Jeevan OBE, Founder & Executive Chairman, Intrinsic Labs, London, U.K.

"Transitioning to my own advisory business from a former senior corporate role, I found Roger's initial webinar a lifeline, providing a clear framework for my venture. The Recognised Authority Accelerator programme was a beacon, defining my vision and strategy. Now, I advance with conviction, seeing tangible results. Roger's programme fosters courage and authenticity, equipping participants for confident navigation of their business future." Sergio Piza, Piza Advisors, São Paulo, Brazil

Meet the author: Roger E Jones

Roger’s passion is helping experts become high-earning recognised authorities in their market. 

He’s well positioned to help his clients, being a


  • Bestselling business author. He’s published (and monetised) three books.  
  • Contributed to Harvard Business Review and INSEAD Knowledge.  One article was directly responsible for securing over $500K in consulting revenue.
  • His work has been discussed in the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, Forbes and Wall Street Journal.  This coverage was secured without the use of a PR agency.
  • Helped executives in firms like Accenture, IBM and Russel Reynolds Associates improve their ability to win business with their ideal clients.  The standard sales approach is worthless, but elegantly enrolling clients achieves results.
  • Acted as a mentor and coach CEOs, senior leaders and experts and has a Master’s degree from INSEAD in Change (clinical organisational psychology), so he knows how to bring out the best in people.
  • A former CMO, and MBA degree who knows how to apply the key drivers for growth
  •  Successful 20-year solo management consulting and mentor/coach career before launching The Recognised Authority System™.  Having started from scratch – no network, no market positioning and no clue!  His clients included:
  • Conducted business in-person in over 40 countries and today works virtually with clients worldwide. 
  • His previous corporate career included: Chase Manhattan Bank, managing an operations area during a period of organisational change; Amadeus IT, where he started new country markets in Europe, the US and Asia; Korn/Ferry International as an executive headhunter recruiting senior leaders for clients across Europe, and digital marketing consultancy.
  • Roger lives in London, U.K., with his wife and teenage daughter and works with clients worldwide.
  • He launched the Recognised Authority Formula™ in 2020.

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