The Recognised Authority Accelerator program is proven.

"I secured 25 meetings with CEOs of mid to large-sized national and international firms across the globe in 6 weeks as a result of implementing Roger's Recognised Authority Formula. Recommended for consultants wanting to build a trusted pipeline."

- Simone Olbert, Executive Coach, Munich, Germany

" As a result of Roger's guidance, for the first time ever, I am rolling into a new year with my calendar 2/3’s booked to target for the coming 12 months. Whether you are a new or very seasoned consultant, I

strongly recommend Roger.”

- Ric Van Der Linden, ProgressivEdge

Tyler, Texas, U.S.A.

"As a direct result of the program, 92 potential clients want to speak with me, 37 of which match the profile of my ideal decision-maker, C-level, CEO or Board member."

Rose H, Zurich, Switzerland

"Thanks mainly to our work together, our revenue has more than tripled in the last two months.  I look to the future now with greater confidence.  The business is on 'turbo'.  I highly recommend the program."

Ed S, Melbourne, Australia

Sharath Jeevan OBE

Founder & Executive Chairman

Intrinsic Labs, London, U.K.

Dave Osh


Varlinx, San Franciso, U.S.A.

"Thank you so very much for all you do and did with me. You provided me with inspiration, new thinking, techniques, and incredible levels of support as I ramp up my organisation to thrive to a much higher degree going forward. Your style is infused with deep caring for your work and its outcomes and fuelled with best practices and solid logic. Your work 'clicked' with me immediately and was the launching pad for further innovation. Thank you!!!!"

- Regan Traub, The HR Consortium, Connecticut, USA

“I was transitioning from a successful corporate career to my own advisory business, I initially felt unsure how to steer my new venture effectively.  I watched Roger's free webinar and it presented a comprehensive framework that I identified as my roadmap - it felt like finding a lifebuoy in uncertain waters. Also, our follow-up discussion, though challenging at times, offered practical, useful advice.

The recognised authority program has been like a beacon, illuminating my journey into what was unknown territory. It helped me define my vision, establish my positioning, and design my offering and strategy. Today, I am moving forward with renewed conviction and motivation and seeing early results.

I recommend the program for its unique ability to foster courage, allowing participants to remain authentic in their business pursuit of their business vision. With Roger's guidance, I acquired critical knowledge and skills and can now confidently navigate my future path."

Sergio Piza, Piza Advisors, São Paulo, Brazil

Jenny Trautman

Same Page People

Atlanta, U.S.A.

Paul Kinkaid

Managing Director, Forensic Outcomes

United Kingdom

"The work in the program about reversing a firms' typical approach to attracting clients has really resonated with me. Roger's many years of experience shine through, and the quality of his teaching and related notes are first-class. Outstanding and highly recommended."

Craig Alexander Rattray, CR Corporate Solutions,


"Roger's approach to connecting with your ideal decision-maker is well thought out and well articulated. The real deal."

Chuck Libourel, Hello New Products, Cincinnati, U.S.A.

"I am an independent consultant and coach in organizational effectiveness, working with a network of peers with whom I structure client assignments.

Before I attended the Recognised Authority program, I was experiencing low energy to grow my business. While my network was strong, my market positioning lacked specificity and focus.

I was interested in Roger’s approach because it would help me sharpen my offering.  I was also attracted by the set-up of the group program.

Shaping the I.P. advantage and the value model was instrumental in resolving my longing to integrate organizational development with sustainability.  There, I tackled my deepest discomfort.

It took me a few months after the program to integrate its many dimensions. I now have a far more powerful positioning, energizing me and the people around me. This newfound clarity, now my primary tool, is putting me on track to get my business where I want it to be.

If you struggle with similar challenges, I certainly recommend Roger’s program."

Lionel Frankfort, CultureWorks, Brussels, Belgium

Ginny Telego

The Collaboration Partners

Ohio, USA

Stephanie Loader

Executive Coach

Como, Italy

"Roger Jones' program addressed my initial struggles to create a feasible, actionable plan for my new advisory business. His free webinar made me curious about his model and approach and prompted me to connect.

Despite initial reservations, I found immense value in the program, especially in the 'Transformational Focus' and 'Precise Positioning' modules.


Through the program, I gained the confidence to market myself as an advisor equipped with a clear action plan. My advice to those considering this program is simple: If you're serious about becoming an independent professional, Roger's comprehensive program will steer you in the right direction."

Stephanie F, Wealth Advisor, Switzerland

"Although I have had a successful advisory business for many years, the program has allowed me to reassess my go-to-market strategy, which has been extremely beneficial. Roger's thinking is always fresh and one step ahead."

Robert P, Dubai

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